Monday 9 October 2023

The Post Building or rather somewhere else

It was a really nice October Autumn day, perfect for drawing outside, when we set off for the Post Building, which has a roof terrace open to the public. We were at least a dozen artists. The public terrace was closed for maintenance. There was no way of confirming opening times in advance from the website, no email or telephone number and of course there was no advance notification of closure.

Sue and Janet have both emailed Camden Council to protest, as under the Section 106 agreement the terrace is supposed to be open to the public. So, we suspect that closing the terrace with no notice is a ploy to reduce the numbers of visitors so that the developers can tell Camden Council that there are not many visitors and get the Section 106 Agreement renegotiated.

However in the best traditions of Art in the Park we carried on. Some people went to the British Museum, some to Russell Square and some found Pied Bull Yard, where the Cordon Bleu cookery school is. This sells excellent cakes which cheered up some people for missing the public terrace on the Post Building.

The Cordon Bleu cookery school has a very reasonably priced cafe, patronised by student chefs in whites, many smoking furiously outside.

Our next outing is on Tuesday 24 October to Gillespie Park. More details to follow.

Meanwhile we did do some drawing. See below:

Avis Dennis

Diane Umemoto.                               

Gafung Wong

Gill Steiner

Tricia Sharpe

Sue Lees

Sue Loder

Christine Khwaja

Janet Payne

Priscilla Worley

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