Friday 29 May 2020

Reflections: Tuesday 26 May 2020

This time we asked you all to produce something on the theme of Reflections. This could involve watery reflections, mirrors, windows, contemplations on our current virus situation, or indeed, a reflection of where you are or what you are doing. Artists produced work on all aspects of these reflective possibilities, and also reflections on past events now unreal and dreamlike. The white pots are interpretations of Roman pots, following the artist's discovery that the Romans had a pottery in Highgate Woods, close to her home. She has been thinking through Roman life, reflecting, in fact, on Roman existence, and the uncomfortable nature thereof, around the pottery, constantly over the last few weeks.

We have also included a couple of works which were accidentally omitted in the previous collection. (It is surprisingly difficult to keep track of all the images sent in! We do apologise, and hope that this time nobody is left out, except of course, late deliverers!)

Thank you all for sending in such interesting and varied images. We will let you know the next theme and date very shortly. In the meantime, please enjoy the images, and keep painting!

Sunday 17 May 2020

May 2020, extra pictures and next meeting

Phoenix (Gafung) Wong has sent in these lovely pictures of irises for our Celebration of Spring event. 

Our next 'innings' is on Tuesday 26 May and the subject is Reflections. You can interpret this in any way you choose, reflections in water, reflections in a mirror, or of course reflections (or thoughts) on the current Covid 19 situation. Or alternatively in the best creative tradition ignore the subject and send in what you want! This time please send your pics to Sue,

There has been a great response so far to the innings, keep going Artists!

Friday 15 May 2020

Early May 20, Celebration of Spring

Once again a great response. Artists include Gill Steiner, Sue Lees, Diane Umemoto, Janet Payne, Tricia Sharpe, Priscilla Worley, Jenny Ainsley, Anna Fraser, Avis Dennis, Cathy Burkinshaw, Louise Howard, Wendy Long, and Alison Sandifer.

Some artists are still abroad and others only just able to return to London after the easing of travel restrictions. Most of us are here in North East London where the birdsong is much more audible than usual and the parks and gardens are blossoming. 

Watch this space for the next event. Hopefully we can have more of an outing next time, though not as a group.

Wednesday 6 May 2020

Celebration of Spring 12 May 20

Don't forget to join in on Tuesday 12 May for the next innings: A Celebration of Spring. Pics to 

Weather once again sunny and clear, good birdsong!!