Tuesday 11 August 2020

Tuesday 25 August: Clissold Park, Stoke Newington, London N16 9HJ


The weather forecast for tomorrow refers to heavy rain and wind.   Dismal.  However, this may not happen (we have had recent experiences of anticipated rain not happening), and there are various sheltered spaces around Clissold House that we could use if necessary - the portico, under the portico and a verandah to one side.  The big church opposite is likely to be open, so we could go in there, and there are any number of cafes in church street.   We think the Old Church has a porch.  Alternatively, bring your sketching stool, an umbrella, and such art materials as are useable in the damp (watercolours are not good, as they won't dry), so watercolour pencils, pens, pastels.   Janet and Sue are going to give it a go unless it is pouring first thing.

If you think it is going to be too wet, then you may like to create some artwork with a bad weather theme at home.


We have decided to return to Clissold Park for our August sketch date as our earlier plan to go to Hampstead Heath has been frustrated by the loos not being open as they are waiting for new parts. Clissold Park is relatively central for our spread-out participants, and well connected with bus services, if people feel like using them.  Parking controls are in force on the Hackney sides of Clissold Park, so no chance of parking there, but Islington residents may find a place on the Islington side of Green Lanes under the Roamer scheme.   Partners can always be asked for lifts!

There are loos (open), and the cafe in Clissold House is operating a take-out service (no indoor access).   We will be maintaining our social distancing policy.

We have not been there for a few years, and as well as Clissold House, there is the Old Stoke Newington Church, the canal, two lakes, the gardens, looking good at present, and there will be people sitting about for those who wish to do figures.  Also some deer in an enclosure. Stoke Newington Church Street is close by with sandwich shops as well as offering street scenes.    Hopefully it will be sunny without being unbearably hot.

It is an opportunity to produce some work which will have local interest when the Islington Art Society holds its next exhibition in the Stoke Newington Library Gallery close by. 

Our meeting place will be outside the front of Clissold House at the base of the steps, at 11 o'clock.   We suggest you bring sketching stools.  We hope for a good day's sketching, and Sue's telephone number for the day is 07975 864142.