Sunday 16 October 2022

Tuesday 11 October: visit to Hay's Galleria, Southbank

 A dozen artists came to the Hay's Galleria and Wharf on the South Bank of the Thames on a bright but chilly-in-the shade morning.  Several artists were dazzled by the enormous steam-punk semi-nautical sculpture in the centre of the shopping gallery (The Navigators, by David Kemp, some 60 feet of eclectic metalwork, and if you are lucky you can see the oars moving).  Always the unexpected on Art in the Park's days out!   Others concentrated on the river, with its various eye-catching views, which included the Tower of London, and HMS Belfast (on which your correspondent's father served as a young naval officer in the war aged 18).     An enjoyable lunch was consumed at Wasabi.

As always, a variety of media were used, including collage.  Enjoy!

Our next outing will be on Tuesday 29 November, when we will be returning to Marylebone Station.  Full details will be published nearer the date.


 Image above by Gill Steiner
Image above by Diane Umemoto
Image above by Peter Colley

Image above by Janet Perkins

Image above by Gafung Wong

Three images above by Audrey Rapier

Image above by Janet Payne
Image above by Priscilla Worley
Image above by Alison Sandifer