Thursday 1 February 2024

Visit to the Place on Tuesday 27th February


The Place have very kindly allowed us back to sketch a contemporary dance rehearsal. We went around this time last year and enjoyed the session, although it was hard work to draw moving figures.

The Place is the home of the London Contemporary Dance School and is very near to Euston Station.

The address is 17 Duke's Place, London WC1H 9PY but the entrance is round the corner in Flaxman Terrace. Please be there promptly at 10:30 for the rehearsal which starts at 10:45 and ends at 12:15. Late comers will be severely frowned upon.

Here are two pictures from last year.

From Christine Khwaja

From Priscilla Worley

Wednesday 31 January 2024

Drawing the Haydn Chamber Orchestra, January 27 in St Michael's, Highgate

Approaching 20 sketchers came to St Michael's Church, Highgate on Saturday, 27 January, to draw and paint Islington's prestigious Haydn Chamber Orchestra in rehearsal, thanks to a very kind invitation via Islington Art Society member, Alison Glaister.  (Three people went to the previous night's rehearsal in St Andrew's, Thornhill Square.)    People who had not been to St Michael's before were very impressed with the striking Evie Hone stained glass Last Supper in the East Window, but mostly managed to focus their art on the orchestra, whose music was breathtaking. 

The conductor was the distinguished Paul Daniel, and the piano soloist the equally distinguished Charles Owen.   The pieces were Schumann's Piano Concerto, Brahms' Symphony number 3, and Siegfried's Rhine Journey, from Wagner's Gotterdammerung.  It was such a treat and a privilege to be so close to such beautiful music, we are so grateful to the orchestra for allowing us to overlook them during their practice runs.   It was also good to see the love the musicians have for the intricacies of the music, and how Paul Daniel finessed the interpretation of certain phrases.

One or two artists went up to the galleries and took in the whole ensemble and church, but most people focused their concentration on selected performers.   The removal of the Steinway piano after the Schumann was a bit of a blow for some, but they soldiered on without its substantial presence in the middle of their compositions. 

We all enjoyed ourselves enormously.   It was such a delightful afternoon.  We thank the Haydn Chamber Orchestra for giving us the opportunity to sketch them.

Please enjoy looking at our images below.   Any further submissions will be added in later.

Image above by Daniel Lloyd-Morgan

Two images above by Ruijun Hu  


Six images above by Vanessa Whinney 

Two images above by Ann Kozlowski-Hunt 

Two images above by Maureen Bocking                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Three images above by Lorraine Peacock

Two images above by Janet Payne

Two images above by Do Burgess   

Three images above by Peter Colley

Image above by Christian Cook                                                                                                                 

Image above by Frank Burgess

Two images above by Alison Gardiner

Four images above by Janet Perkins

Three images above by Penny Spelling

Two images above by Cathy Burkinshaw



Three images above by Sue Lees

 And finally, Pauline Cushnie sketched the sketchers: