Thursday 27 September 2018

Art in the Park Display at Cass Art, Colebrooke Row, Islington N1 Thursday 27 September - Sunday 30 September

Art in the Park are holding our first exhibition!   Seven regular Art in the Park attendees have made up some A1 mountboards of their work, either originals or prints, and put up a display in the exhibition space at Cass Art, 66-67 Colebrooke Row, Islington, N1 8AB.   Some of the images are from our Art in the Park outings (certain locations are repeated by different people), some are from other plein air days or life drawing sessions.   One or two are prints developed from onsite sketches.  Our pictures will be viewable during Cass opening hours until Sunday 30 September (Cass is open till early evening, Sundays noon till 6pm.   A few are actually for sale!

Please come and have a look, as these photos are too small to do the artists any justice.   In their different ways, all the artworks show the zest and energy which plein air activity gives to an artist's output - all our Art in the Park participants, both those in the exhibition and those who are not showing work on this occasion, find themselves energised by going out with others and a sketchbook.   Maybe we should go out twice a month!

Ann Kowlowski-Hunt's board
Janet Perkins' board
Mark Hodge's boards
Tricia Sharpe's boards
Janet Payne's boards
Priscilla Worley's board
Sue Lees' board