Sunday 30 July 2023

St Paul's Cathedral and surroundings

On 25th July some 15 artists met to sketch around the surroundings to St Paul's Cathedral. Thankfully the tube strike had been called off. It was also a fine sunny day in contrast to much of the recent weather.

St Paul's is Christopher Wren's masterpiece and a challenge for artists. There is plenty of scope for artists to draw both St Paul's and the surrounding area, including the Temple Bar arch at the entrance to Paternoster Square and the churchyard and Distaff Gardens.

Some people have yet to send in their pics, don't be shy. We can publish late arrivals next time

And some pics below

Diane Umemoto  


Doreen Burgess
Temple Bar and St Paul's

Avis Dennis

Janet Perkins
Distaff Gardens

Janet Payne
Temple Bar

Peter Colley

Sue Lees
St Paul's Churchyard

Priscilla Worley

Tricia Sharpe

Diana Marshall

We had an alfresco lunch on the stepped plinth of a statue in Paternoster Square. Below is a snap of the jolly group.

The next outings are Tuesday 15 August, the Victorian Turkish Bathhouse just off Bishopsgate.

and Wednesday 31 August in Asteys Row, just off Essex Road Islington. We try to do two outings in August including a Wednesday outing, for those who have other commitments on Tuesdays, and also because the nearby library in Essex Road is open on a Wednesday and has loos.

Put these dates in your diary, more details to follow.

Tuesday 18 July 2023

Tuesday 25 July: St Paul's Cathedral Churchyard

 There is a tube strike planned for this date, but the buses and overground rail will be working, and in view of this we are going ahead with this sketching session onTuesday 25 July.

Details in previous post.

Best wishes, Sue

Saturday 8 July 2023

Tuesday 25 July: St Paul's Cathedral Churchyard Gardens, EC4M 8AD

 On Tuesday 25 July we will be going to one of London's greatest landmarks, St Paul's Cathedral in the City.  With hopefully lovely sunny weather, we will be able, if we so wish, to immerse ourselves in the Baroque, and fancy ourselves perhaps in Rome or another beautiful continental city.  Immediately surrounding the rear of St Paul's are its gardens, which give views of a Wren church, and various bits of the cathedral.    The immediate gardens are small and close to St Paul's tube station, but to the south there are further areas of grass from which more extensive views of the cathedral can be obtained.   There is also a new public garden at 25 Cannon Street, the Reflection Garden, which gives a new view of St Paul's here:     For those who don't want to sketch the architecture, there are the huge trees, the modern city with shops and offices just outside, and people.  

We will meet at 11 o'clock by an obelisk on the northern side of St Pauls churchyard garden:

To the West of the Cathedral is Paternoster Square, which has views of the front of
the building, loos (which have to be paid for), and booths selling street food.   Also a very fine  baroque arch:  

Additional (and free) loos can be found at Number One New Change, which is a vast glass shopping centre across the road at the rear of the cathedral.                                                                                                
Many buses go past St Paul's: 4,8, 15,17, 23, 25, 26, 56, 76, 100, 172, 242, 521, and St  Paul's tube station is on the Central Line.  There are a multiplicity of cafes and restaurants, but it may be better to chose street food and eat it together in the various gardens.
We suggest you bring your sketching stools to get the perfect view.                                                    
Janet's number for the day is: 07815 772857      
Finally, we have three late images from our recent days out:    

Images above by Christine Khwaja (Thornhill Square)
Image below by Janet Payne (Regents Park)


Sunday 2 July 2023

Visit to Thornhill Square, Islington, on Tuesday 26 June 2023

 15 artists presented themselves in front of the Library at Thornhill Square  on another cloudy day with flat light.  People mostly concentrated on the trees in the Square, with glimpses of the smart terraced houses behind, or the flowers.   One of us sat in the Churchyard  (the church sadly mostly covered in netting), and one person tackled the very fine Library by Beresford Pite in his semi-Egyptian cum arts and crafts style.  (They had a bit of vision in Edwardian times!)

Frequently we have an unexpected encounter on our sketching days, and the Thornhill day was no exception.   One of our party recalled that Barnsbury Wood was open on Tuesday afternoons, and as it was just round the corner, a group of us seized the opportunity to look at Islington's smallest nature reserve and the largest bit of real woodland in the heavily built-up Borough.  We were lucky enough to encounter one of the Islington Ecology Centre's staff members in the Wood, who explained how it was that the triangular site had escaped being built on, and discussed aspects of the biodiversity.   We  were very charmed by this haven amongst the terraced houses, and very much hope to be able to go and sketch the autumn colours of the huge trees in the future. 

Meanwhile, our next sketch date will be on Tuesday 25 July, when we will be going to St Paul's Churchyard, details to follow.   


Image above by Diane Umemoto

 Image above by Janet Payne

Image above by  Chris Baker

Image above by Sara Meidan


Three images above by Audrey Rapier

Image above by Avis Dennis

 Image above by Peter Colley

Image above by Diana Marshall


Image above by Gill Steiner

 Two images above by Chris Baker 

Image above by Janet Perkins

Image above by Tricia Sharpe

Image above by Alison Gardiner

Image above by Sue Lees