Tuesday 19 June 2018

Tuesday 17 July Sketch Day in Victoria Park, Grove Road, Bow,London E3 5TB – Meet at the Pavilion Café at 11 o’clock

On Tuesday 17 July we will visit the West Side of Victoria Park.    Inspired by our success in reaching the Horniman Museum, in South London, we thought that we would explore eastwards.   Victoria Park is a historic open space sprinkled with interesting structural features and assorted lakes and ponds.

The Park is pretty vast, so we thought that we would assemble at the Pavilion Café, and paint in the Western section of the park, which contains a lake and the famous Pagoda, on its own island.   There are various other structures in this side of the Park, including the Dogs of Alcibiades which guard one of the entrances.   Further details here

The nearest tube station is Mile End, on the Central Line and the District Line and the Hammersmith and City, 12 minutes’ walk away.   Bethnal Green tube is a minute further away.   Map is here 

From Mile End station the walk is straightforward:    turn left and cross over Mile End Road. Turn right onto Grove Road – it’s about 10-15 minutes’  walk straight down. Alternatively, you can also walk most of the way through Mile End Park, which runs parallel to Grove Road. You will first arrive at the Crown Gates. On Grove Road you can catch bus 277 or 425 to the middle of the park which cuts out the walk.

Alternatively, the 277 goes from Highbury Corner, FIRST STOP ON ST PAUL'S ROAD, and stops at the Park, be aware that it is a lengthy journey.

We suggest you bring your sketching stools.   If wet we can sketch in the café which overlooks the lake.   We look forward to seeing you.   

Sue’s tel number for the day is: 07975 864142

Monday 18 June 2018

Repeat Visit to the Horniman Museum, Forest Hill, South London

Tuesday 12 June was a greyish day, in total contrast to the weather on our previous visit to the Horniman Museum and Gardens, when the light was dazzling. This did not put off seven of our intrepid travelling artists who had a most productive day both inside and outside the Museum. Most of the art done in the morning was outside, where the grey light was co-operatively steady, and we sketched the gardens, the bandstand, the conservatory, the live animal collection, and naturally, the velociraptor cantering energetically in his prehistoric garden. In the afternoon it got damper, and we went and examined the indoor exhibits, and found fascination in the birds in the glass cabinets - and gave life to them, and particularly to the dodo, who walks again in the picture below. The sloth, too, was made alluring, and finally, one person tackled some of the musical instruments.

There are many subjects still not sketched - no one has yet drawn the walrus on his iceberg, a fine sight calling out for some tonal attention, and some of the Horniman's galleries are still shut for renovation,to be reopened very shortly. As we were leaving, we realised also that no-one has painted the interesting front facade and gardens of the Museum, which cried out for the eye of the artist. We will have to go back, maybe in winter-time. We had a great day, and a jolly gathering over lunch