Monday 30 March 2020

Self Portrait Day at Home: Monday 6 April

As we plough on through our worrying days of home immurement, our next home painting day is Monday, April 6,  (when we were to have a lovely visit to 2 Temple Place, now put off until next year).  Instead, we are asking for self portraits.   Any media, any composition.  

Please send your images to, shortly after the 6th and we will publish in a blog page.

Meanwhile, keep going with the self isolation, getting out the art equipment does take one's mind off everything else.

Finally, one more painting from last week which unfortunately got missed earlier - Garden Shed, by Lindsay Topping

Friday 27 March 2020

More March 20 Art in the Time of Corona Virus

Oh dear.

I forgot Roger Alsop's second picture of Oxalis. My apologies. I am a pretty amateur blogger, Janet

Art in the Time of Coronavirus March 2020 innings

What a splendid response from you all. There is some really nice work here and welcome to those you do not usually come to the outings.

Many people said how therapeutic it was to carry on with Art at this terrible time. Our "innings day" corresponded with the first day of complete lockdown, although the government introduced it by stages.

Sue has been in self-isolation in Essex but is due back in London soon, Jenny is caught in Spain. Verity, has sent her images of the Cambridgeshire countryside just prior to the closure of the National Trust parklands. Janet Perkins is in Yorkshire. So we do have some out of town images.

People have carefully labelled their images for which many thanks, so I will attribute them to artists for once! Where people have given titles to their work I have used them. I have given titles where the subject is not obvious.

Remember if you haven't yet sent me an image yet, you can still do so and I will post next time.

We are planning a 'self portrait' in a time of isolation innings for 6 April. Do put it in your diaries, but we will send out a reminder nearer the time. Meanwhile stay safe and carry on with the Art

From Sue Lees:

From Diane Umemoto:

From Cathy Burkinshaw

From Jenny Ainsley, "Lockdown in Spain"

From Roger Alsop, "The Sky from my backdoor"

From Verity Haines:

From Moira Coupe "Garden Stones"

From Janet Payne:

From Yulia Sinclair

From Ann Kozlowski-Hunt:
Social Distancing in Post Office Queue

From Avis Dennis: Rollwright Stones and Boboli Gardens, Florence

From Priscilla Worley

From Gafung Wong

From Gill Steiner: Sad Man

From Janet Perkins: Yorkshire Farm and Canada geese

From Tricia Sharpe

Wednesday 18 March 2020

Art in the Time of Coronavirus

As you will have seen from the previous post we are postponing all Art in the Park outings for the foreseeable future. The next meeting would have been on 24 March. Meanwhile to keep up the excellent momentum that Art in the Park has achieved we can still carry on producing Art. On 24 March anyone who wants to be included can be, by sending a photo of their work to me, and I will post in on the blog. The subject for 24 March is something that we can see from our 'social isolation', the interior of the house, the garden, the view outside, the other household members.

We did have a plan for an outing on 6 April, which is of course cancelled. But self portraits to me on or around that date for publication on the blog.

Keep well and carrying on with the Art

Tuesday 17 March 2020

CANCELLED: Tuesday 24th March: Return visit to the Crossrail Roof Garden at Canary Wharf

Sadly, we have decided that we cannot proceed with our sketching expedition to the Crossrail Roof Garden on Tuesday 24 March, next Tuesday, in fact.

It would be completely irresponsible to encourage you all onto public transport in this dreadful situation with the horrible coronavirus and then pass the virus around at lunchtime. We are sure that you have all now come to this view in any case.  Also, the government has now woken up to the scale of the problem, and has told everyone to avoid unnecessary social contact.

So that is that for Art in the Park for the foreseeable future.  We will gather ourselves together when it is safe to do so.

We are wondering if people might like to send in any artwork you might be doing while cooped up at home.   Art in the time of Coronavirus?   A further bulletin will follow when we have thought about this a bit more.

In the meantime, please do everything the experts say - lots of handwashing, avoid social contact that is not essential, don't kiss anybody!   Look after yourselves and stay safe.

Best wishes, Sue

Monday 9 March 2020

Tuesday 24th March: Return visit to the Crossrail Roof Garden at Canary Wharf

We have decided to have a second outing at the end of March, as we did not go out last month, and we have chosen to revisit the Crossrail Place Roof Garden, as it is a different time of year from our last visit which was in the autumn. Hopefully there will be some spring blossom to challenge us, and those who have been before can consider their work from our previous session when deciding what approach/media, and so on, to take this time. We are assuming/hoping that the coronavirus continues at its present low level, if circumstances change we will cancel.

We will meet at 11 o’clock in the garden. Our previous notes say that the Roof Garden is a new public space above the Crossrail Station at Canary Wharf, and it is an exotic garden park several stories above the new railway, mainly enclosed by a deeply contemporary glass roof. Entrance is free. Lots to draw in the roof structure which is a sort of longitudinal geodesic dome, and the plant material which includes big tree ferns. The garden is divided into two sections, one containing plants from Australasia, and the other plants from China and Japan. An opportunity for plant studies if you do not want to go for the garden in the sky picture. Please have a look at this website to get an idea of the set-up:

For the geography of Canary Wharf, there is a map down the page here:

Access: From Canary Wharf tube station (Jubilee Line) Take the large escalator up from the ticket hall. Turn right out of the main exit and walk through Reuters Plaza past the clocks. Walk straight ahead through the set of glass doors underneath the steps, and continue straight through until you come back outside. Walk through Adam’s Plaza and the entrance to Crossrail Place is in front of you. Go up the escalators to the Roof Garden.

From Canary Wharf DLR Take the exit on to the North Colonnade. Opposite One Canada Square there is a bridge leading you into the first floor of Crossrail Place. Continue up the escalators to the Roof Garden.

Lunch: Last time we had lunch in the Giant Robot next door which offers street food of various types   The Robot's building is cavernous and uncrowded, last time it was practically empty, so good for virus avoidance.  There are loos close by.

We suggest that you wrap up warmly, as there are gaps in the roof, so it may be draughty and a bit chilly. There are benches, but you may want to bring a sketching stool. If it turns out to be too cold, the Giant Robot offers good urban sketching opportunities amongst the various stalls selling food, the customers, and the industrial-style decor.

Sue's telephone number for the day is: 07975 864142. Happy Sketching!

Friday 6 March 2020

Southwark Cathedral. March 2020

On a bright but cold March morning 16 sketchers met in historic Southwark Cathedral and found it a great venue with lots of monuments and history. Next to London Bridge Southwark Cathedral is situated at what was originally the only river crossing point between South and North London. There are a variety of tombs, including that of the poet John Gower, and also a screen rich in statues which was partially covered for Lent.

The Cathedral was very welcoming and we were mentioned by the Chaplin as one of the visiting groups of the day, together with two enthusiastic schools groups.

16 is an all time high for numbers of Art in the Park attendees, so well done everybody and keep coming.

We had lunch in the Cathedral cafe where most of us even managed to sit at the same table and enjoyed the home cooked food!

There was some great work produced in a variety of styles but I am afraid that once again my photos do not do the work justice.