Sunday 19 December 2021

December at St Mary Aldermary

 A dozen artists went to St Mary Aldermary in the City for our last sketch of the year. The City was quite empty due to the 'work from home' government advice but we were all socially distanced. 

The church was decorated for Christmas with a lovely Christmas tree and a crib. The beautiful stained glass windows also added to the Christmassy atmosphere. This is a Wren church and unusually for Wren it is in the Gothic style, having been rebuilt on the footprint of an earlier church destroyed in the Great Fire. The church was destroyed once again in WWII and again restored. The wonderful ceilings are a good example of fan vaulting but taken further.

As usual we all worked hard and some people sketched outside as it was a mild day. Some of our work is below.

It is not too late to send in your work, for those who have not already done so. Send to me I will publish probably when we announce the next outing or even innings, depending on Covid.

A Happy and Healthy New Year to you all.

Sue Lees

Pam Wighton

Lindsay Topping

Janet Perkins

Gafung Wong

Diane Umemoto

Janet Payne