Saturday, 22 January 2022

Winter Atmospherics 2: January 18 (approximately)

This January, with Covid variety omicron cruising the country, we asked our artists to go out separately and create art reflecting winter weather and winter life.  We are surprised to find how far people have travelled!   We have images from Yorkshire, Norfolk, and Sussex Beaches, as well as various London outdoor spaces.   Our artists have produced their customary varied interpretations of the winter scene, please enjoy!

Vanessa Whinney, image below, Sunrise at Ellingham, Norfolk

Vanessa Whinney, image below, Garden in Winter

Tricia Sharpe, image below, In Calderdale, Yorkshire

Maggie Pettigrew, image below, Winter Walk, Sussex Beach

Maggie Pettigrew, image below, Hampstead Heath photograph

Avis Dennis, image below, Winter Tree, Kew

Feroze Antia, three images below, Trent Park and its Golf Course - briskly sketched 6 inch square oils

Diane Umemoto, image below, Regent's Park

Gill Steiner, image below, Football in Winter 

Diane Umemoto, image below, Moon at Sunrise on a Frozen Morning

Janet Payne, image below, Morning Chill

Sue Lees, image below, Upon Reflection (newly reinstalled statue in the Philip Noel-Baker Peace Garden, Elthorne Park, N19)


It was also pointed out to us that Sky Arts have started a new series of Landscape Artist of the Year and Channel 5 a new 20 episode series of Watercolour Challenge, and we thought that many of our artists would like to know of these painterly - and sometimes pleinair - programmes which they can watch from the comfort of their homes.

Details of our February activity will follow before long.  

Tuesday, 4 January 2022

January 2022: Winter Atmospherics (2)

With the uncertainties of omicron and the cold weather. we have decided that our January session should be done at home, or in your local park.   Much safer and more comfortable.  We suggest Tuesday Jan 18 as the focus date when you might like to go out to your local park/into the garden to catch signs of winter, including winter flowers, people bundled up in coats and scarves, possible snow scenes, snowmen, frost,  birds in snow, icy ponds, generally anything to do with winter weather.  Also cosy life indoors, with blazing fire, your partners asleep on the sofa as they do.   Many possibilities!   Any media, of course.  Or a series of vignettes from a stroll round the park on one sheet, and if you want to take photos and work up afterwards, we are happy with this too.

Hopefully the omicron situation will have peaked and the situation will be clearer - and better - by February.

Please send your images to Sue at:  by the end of that week, by the end of Friday 21st.  Thank you and happy creativity!