Tuesday, 4 January 2022

January 2022: Winter Atmospherics (2)

With the uncertainties of omicron and the cold weather. we have decided that our January session should be done at home, or in your local park.   Much safer and more comfortable.  We suggest Tuesday Jan 18 as the focus date when you might like to go out to your local park/into the garden to catch signs of winter, including winter flowers, people bundled up in coats and scarves, possible snow scenes, snowmen, frost,  birds in snow, icy ponds, generally anything to do with winter weather.  Also cosy life indoors, with blazing fire, your partners asleep on the sofa as they do.   Many possibilities!   Any media, of course.  Or a series of vignettes from a stroll round the park on one sheet, and if you want to take photos and work up afterwards, we are happy with this too.

Hopefully the omicron situation will have peaked and the situation will be clearer - and better - by February.

Please send your images to Sue at: susan@lees.org.uk  by the end of that week, by the end of Friday 21st.  Thank you and happy creativity!

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