Monday 24 April 2023

Tuesday 18 April: visit to Arlington Square, Islington

We unfortunately managed to pick the coldest day of the week, if not the month, for our April outing.  It was a deeply grey day, but it did not rain, so our dozen artists pursued their art with huge dedication in Arlington Square and the nearby Regent's Canal, before all survivors retired thankfully into The Hanbury pub at the corner of the Square.   Two hardy souls had been to the Canal where it was even colder. 

Arlington Square is one of the best planted and maintained public squares in London, having been rescued from its former incarnation as a place to buy a stolen bike and other things by a massive community effort.   Ten years or so ago local residents keen to create a garden of delight fundraised enthusiastically and having amongst them knowledgeable gardeners have filled the square with multiple types of camellia and magnolia and other superior shrubs, and vintage olive trees and palm trees.  The tulip beds were having their gorgeous moment, and attracted the attention of some of our artists.  We were too early for the many roses, but they will be lovely later in the season.  The garden looked immaculate, and the community maintenance effort is still continuing.  An example to residents everywhere of what can be done.  They have even been visited by the King while Prince of Wales!

Our next sketch date will be Tuesday 23 May when we will be going to Regent's Park, the Japanese garden area.  Details to follow.

Enjoy our images from Arlington Square and the Canal!

 Ann Funston

Gill Steiner

 Tricia Sharpe


Developed series of three by Audrey Rapier


 Janet Perkins


Avis Dennis

Janet Payne

 Peter Colley

Priscilla Worley

Sketch and Painting by Chris Baker

Sue Lees

Sue Loder

Diane Umemoto

And one extra drawing from our orchestral afternoon by Christine Khwaja























Friday 7 April 2023

Pics from the Haydn Chamber Orchestra

On 1 April we were allowed to sketch at a rehearsal of the Haydn Chamber Orchestra in Christchurch Highbury.

This was a really splendid occasion with a guest violinist Hans Christian Aavik, an up and coming Estonian violinist. The orchestra was conducted by Andreas Kaljuste                 

We were very privileged to be there and enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Our thanks to the orchestra and of course to Alison Glaister, who founded the orchestra and is a member of Islington Art Society. Alison facilitated this occasion for us.

Pictures below. I hope Haven't missed anybody out.

Avis Dennis

Sue Lees

Peter Colley

Penny Spelling

Diane Umemoto

Alison Gardiner

Alison Sandifer

Audrey Rapier

Janet Payne

Christian Cook