Friday, 7 May 2021

Last pic from Golders Hill

 Ann Kozlowski-Hunt sent in this pic of Diogenes from Golders Hill Park, that she wasn't able to finish on site and I have taken some time to get round to posting.


Monday, 3 May 2021

Tuesday 18 May: Queen Mary's Gardens, Regent's Park

This will be our first visit to Regent's Park and we are going to focus on the splendid planting which can be seen in Queen Mary's Garden inside the Inner Circle.   There are herbaceous borders, rose beds, a more desert style area with strong plant shapes, and a Japanese woodland and lake, so plenty of choice, as well as ponds and statuary.   Just outside the Inner Circle is a wetlands area which might contain interesting wildfowl, and other garden areas which sometimes have art installations. 

A map of the Park, which shows the possibilities, can be found here 

We plan to meet at 11 o'clock in the  Regent's Bar and Kitchen, which is a cafe on the western side of the Inner Circle.  The cafe has loos, hopefully working, if not there are some on the eastern side of the Inner Circle.   We will have lunch back at the cafe, depending on the state  of the virus regulations only 6 people can gather together at once so we may need more than one table.  

We look forward to another pleasant day out with our art gear, and hopefully warm weather.  Please send your images to Sue afterwards:  



Saturday, 1 May 2021

Golders Hill Park

And one I missed;

Maggie Pettigrew
Regents Park

Golders Hill Park, 27 April 21

This was a wonderful sunny day, just warm enough to sit outside in spite of the recent cold weather. Released from strict lockdown, 11 happy artists met up in the park and another 3 sent in pics remotely. A great turn out and some wonderful pics.

Thank you to everyone who sent in pics by email as this has made posting a lot easier and has improved the quality of the pics. Trying to photograph over a crowded cafe table is not easy.

Artists sketched trees in spring blossom, formal gardens, flowers, the bandstand and the pergola in the adjacent Inverforth House.

We had a jolly socially distanced lunch on the terrace outside the cafe and swapped artistic and lockdown tips:

Cathy Burkinshaw

Diane Umemoto

Elaine Kleinen

Janet Payne

Gafung Wong 

Gill Steiner

Gafung Wong
Cherry Blossom in Kew

Lindsay Topping

Lindsay Topping

Lindsay Topping

Priscilla Worley
London Fields

Priscilla Worley
Blossom Trio

Sara Meidan

Sue Lees

                         Tricia Sharpe

Sunday, 25 April 2021

Stay at home option for Tuesday 27 April

 For those who would prefer not to go to Golders Hill Park on Tuesday, the stay at home option is: Spring Blossom.

Lots of flowering trees are out at the moment, including magnolias and cherry trees. Send your contributions to

Meanwhile we look forward to meeting again outside on Tuesday in Golders Hill Park

Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Golders Hill Park Tuesday 27 April 2021

Our first socially distanced outing for some time is to Golders Hill Park. Tuesday 27 April. Meet at the cafe in the park at 11 am. The postcode and address for the cafe is Golders Hill, North End Way, NW3 7HD.

Our stay at home option will follow.

Golders Hill Park, as well as being very beautiful with ponds, a little zoo and views has a cafe offering takeaways, plenty of benches and even some outside tables to eat the takeaway on and loos. The park is of course adjacent to Inverforth House with its pergola and views across to Harrow, if anyone fancies going slightly further afield.

Buses 210 and 268 serve the park, both leaving from Golders Green tube station, which is a 14 minute walk away. The 268 also stops at Hampstead Station and the 210 starts from Finsbury Park. The park is also of course accessible by bike. There is a small car park for blue badge holders, North End Way NW3 7HE. The surrounding streets all have parking restrictions, there is a paying car park at Jack Straws Castle, up to 4 hours for £8.

Sue has provided some photos of the Golders Hill Park, so do come and sketch the real thing.

Easter and Primavera

What a great response from you all. Easter Sunday was really lovely day and now that groups of up to six people can meet outdoors, things seemed to have lightened up, especially with the sunshine and spring flowers. Lots of joyous daffodils.

So contributions from:

Avis Dennis

Magnolia buds

Diane Umemoto

Zoom Seder, the Jewish festival and Spring daffodils.

Tricia Sharpe

Sue Lees

Easter tree

Looking forward to seeing friends and family again

Gill Steiner

Inspired by the green shoots in Hoop Lane Garden of Remembrance

Priscilla Worley

Hackney bus stop, the coming of Spring.

Good pun on Hockney

Janet Payne

Kenwood daffodils

Heather James

Inspired by a grown woman on a children's swing in Well Street Common

Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Anticipating Easter and Primavera

 Apologies should be 30 March, not April as in last post.

Got too excited


Anticipating Easter and Primavera

 Our next "innings" is scheduled for Tuesday 30 April 2021.

The subject is Anticipating Easter and Primavera. As well as being a Christian festival, Easter is believed to have roots in pagan times and possibly named after Eostre, a Celtic goddess. Easter Sunday is actually on April 4th so we can get our "anticipation" pictures in for publication on the blog before Easter.

This year of course we are coming up to the easing of lockdown restrictions so we have a lot to look forward to, once Spring comes.

Don't forget Easter bunnies, Easter eggs, chocolate and hot cross buns on Good Friday.

Primavera is of course Italian for Spring. Don't forget Botticello's Primavera and of course Hockney's "The Arrival of Spring in Woldgate." This was at the Royal Academy in 2011. Hockney has another current exhibition on the coming of Spring in Normandy.

Send images to me

For April we are planning a socially distanced outing but with a stay at home option.

Sunday, 28 February 2021

Chinese New Year - February 2021

Chinese New Year 2021, the Year of the Ox, was a revelation for some of our artists, who made a journey through the colour red, dragon possibilities, and tried to catch movement with the traditional fan dance. One of the dragons is made of fabric scraps and (dragon stones?) pebbles collected from ancient landscapes, and the other, breathing golden fire, is an interpretation from a historic candlestick. "Lucky" fish were pressed into service from a pond and wish everyone Kung_hey_fat_Choy or Happy New Year! One of our artists reflected the disappointments of Chinese New Year in the time of coronavirus. We all learnt about the fascinating traditions of Chinese New Year, and for those who watched on the internet, it was particularly moving to see the socially distanced community dances performed and filmed by the Chinese community in Southampton. We very much hope that next year the celebrations can be carried out together in the normal way, and we look forward to going to watch and hopefully sketch.

Images above by Diane Umemoto (left)and Janet Payne (right)

Image above by Avis Dennis

Image above by Gill Steiner

Images below by Priscilla Worley (left) and Sue Lees (right, also last two images)

Tuesday, 2 February 2021

February Theme: Chinese New Year February 12 2021

Red, red, red we pass through depressing dull grey days, what could be better than the dazzling colours of the Chinese New Year to cheer ourselves up?  The key date this year is February 12th, when the Year of the Ox begins.  Although London's CNY celebrations are going to be online this year, we are sure that our artists are going to be able to make great pieces with this theme.   CNY is amongst other things, all about colour: principally red, strident scarlets, vermillions, cadmium reds, with gold - or yellow -  with purples and greens as a supporting cast.   Collage, tissue paper, possibly supported by actual CNY papers (obtainable online) at one end of the continuum, to drawing (marker pens?) and painting at the other end.

This year the street celebrations involving actual Chinese dragons, etc., won't be taking place, but various organisations will be doing things online here:   and here:

There will be a mass of images on the internet at during CNY.

It is also possible that local Chinese shops and restaurants may be decorated traditionally, and artists may know of these and be able to walk to them to sketch or take photographs.

Certain plants, flowers, and fruit are also part of the tradition and some details can be found

Some of these are easily obtainable - oranges, tangerines, narcissi, anything red.

Chinese New Year is also known as the Spring Festival, which includes returning to see relatives.

 We hope that these themes  will prove inspiring!   Please send your interpretations by 23 February  to Sue at:

Saturday, 30 January 2021

January 2020: Winter Atmospherics

January's weather has been varied, and so we have had days of sun, greyness, lots of rain,  and even some snow!  Our artists have been inspired by all the fluctuations, and we have had many images sent in interpreting all aspects of a British winter.  As always, people have used a variety of media, including stitching and textiles, figure creation, digital work, as well as more traditional media on paper.  The extended struggle which your editor had with the inner workings of the blog explains the limited nature of the commentary on the images - the current incarnation of the blog is more difficult to use than its predecessor.  Details of our next project will be appearing shortly.  

Images above by Vanessa Whinney - The River Waveney normally and in flood.

Images above by Gafung Wong - Snow in her garden and at Kew

Images above by Priscilla Worley (left) and Diane Umemoto right).

Images above by Sara Meidan (left) and Janet Payne (right).

Images above by Maggie Pettigrew (left) and Tricia Sharpe (right)

Image above by Avis Dennis

Image above by Heather James

Images by Sue Lees

Final image above by Gill Steiner