Thursday 23 February 2017

Sketching outing to the Wellcome Collection

On Tuesday 21 February a select group of five artists assembled at the Wellcome Collection's premises on the Euston Road. Visitors are only allowed to use dry materials for sketching the Collection, and so we got out our pencils, oil pastels, pens, watercolour crayons, and licked fingers, and got on very well. Nobody seemed to miss paint or water, though this could be added later at home if required.   

There were all sorts of interesting human biology-type displays, and some of us got involved with these, as can be seen in the photographs. There were also some three dimensional artwork pieces with a health angle. One of us was captivated by a series of ethnic masks (possibly belonging to medicine men?). Others sat down on the comfortable sofa in the Reading Room and sketched the rather dazzling deco-cum-Hollywood staircase, complete with red carpet. These stairs are now intended to be a sitting area, and made comfortable by vast cushions, and students seem to love sitting on them. We were surprised to notice that everyone in the Reading Room held their poses amazingly well, going into interesting positions, and thereby becoming excellent youthful models for the artist.

We discovered a quiet cafĂ© on the second floor, where we could spread ourselves out, which was a bonus, as the eatery near the front door was very crowded.  Taking everything together, this is a  good winter venue and very suitable for a return visit.