Saturday, 28 August 2021

Next Dates: Wednesday 1st September AND Tuesday 21st September


Wednesday 1st September: Dalston Easton Curve Garden: please see earlier blog for details of this (below images of St Mary Abchurch visit).


Following date: Tuesday 21st September: Highgate Cemetery East, Swain's Lane, Highgate, London N6 6PJ, just south of Waterlow Park. 


We will meet at the booking office of Highgate Cemetery just off Swain's Lane at 11 o'clock.  There is an entrance ticket which costs around £5.  However, this ticket can be reused for one month, and can be offset against a subsequent ticket bought for the Western Highgate Cemetery which, subject to discussion, we hope to visit in October.


Full details of the Eastern Cemetery can be found here:


The Eastern Cemetery is particularly beautiful in sunshine, when light slants through its many trees.   It has a good selection of angels and other statuary, and on its higher slopes gives a general impression of an Italian arcadia.   Its most notable resident is Karl Marx.


It also has maintenance staff around and about and is a very safe environment for the isolated female artist.

Please note that the easiest way to get to Highgate Cemetery from Islington (and other northerly and eastern directions) is to get to Lauderdale House on Highgate Hill, and walk across Waterlow Park.   At the time of writing Highgate Hill is closed for water works, but  hopefully this will be finished by the 21st.

It has a loo, but the nearest lunch establishment is the Lauderdale House cafe up in Waterlow Park, and we are going to suggest that people bring a picnic lunch.   We doubt that the Cemetery guardians will like picnics so it will be best to nip next door into the bottom of Waterlow Park and gather there for lunch.


Also bring your sketching stool and an umbrella.


We look forward to seeing everyone.  Sue's telephone number for the day is 07975 864142



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