Sunday, 18 July 2021

de Beauvoir Square 13 July 2021

Following torrential downpours and flooding in the underground, six artists made their way, on foot, by bike and even by public transport to de Beauvoir Square. The weather proved to be reasonably kind, no rain and fairly warm. The square was very pleasant and much enjoyed by locals and of course Art in the Park artists

The six accomplished a great deal of work, repaired to a local cafe for lunch with most people returning to the square afterwards. The stall selling Hackney Gelato at the cafe was unfortunately closed but that did not deter us.

Good work by all

Sue getting ready:

Images below:

Gafung Wong

Sara Meidan

Priscilla Worley

Diane Umemoto

Sue Lees

Janet Payne

with remote working from Gill Steiner

Don't forget 11 am Tuesday 27th July at St John's Hackney

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