Monday, 3 May 2021

Tuesday 18 May: Queen Mary's Gardens, Regent's Park

This will be our first visit to Regent's Park and we are going to focus on the splendid planting which can be seen in Queen Mary's Garden inside the Inner Circle.   There are herbaceous borders, rose beds, a more desert style area with strong plant shapes, and a Japanese woodland and lake, so plenty of choice, as well as ponds and statuary.   Just outside the Inner Circle is a wetlands area which might contain interesting wildfowl, and other garden areas which sometimes have art installations. 

A map of the Park, which shows the possibilities, can be found here 

We plan to meet at 11 o'clock in the  Regent's Bar and Kitchen, which is a cafe on the western side of the Inner Circle.  The cafe has loos, hopefully working, if not there are some on the eastern side of the Inner Circle.   We will have lunch back at the cafe, depending on the state  of the virus regulations only 6 people can gather together at once so we may need more than one table.  

We look forward to another pleasant day out with our art gear, and hopefully warm weather.  Please send your images to Sue afterwards:  



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