Saturday, 1 May 2021

Golders Hill Park, 27 April 21

This was a wonderful sunny day, just warm enough to sit outside in spite of the recent cold weather. Released from strict lockdown, 11 happy artists met up in the park and another 3 sent in pics remotely. A great turn out and some wonderful pics.

Thank you to everyone who sent in pics by email as this has made posting a lot easier and has improved the quality of the pics. Trying to photograph over a crowded cafe table is not easy.

Artists sketched trees in spring blossom, formal gardens, flowers, the bandstand and the pergola in the adjacent Inverforth House.

We had a jolly socially distanced lunch on the terrace outside the cafe and swapped artistic and lockdown tips:

Cathy Burkinshaw

Diane Umemoto

Elaine Kleinen

Janet Payne

Gafung Wong 

Gill Steiner

Gafung Wong
Cherry Blossom in Kew

Lindsay Topping

Lindsay Topping

Lindsay Topping

Priscilla Worley
London Fields

Priscilla Worley
Blossom Trio

Sara Meidan

Sue Lees

                         Tricia Sharpe

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