Sunday, 28 February 2021

Chinese New Year - February 2021

Chinese New Year 2021, the Year of the Ox, was a revelation for some of our artists, who made a journey through the colour red, dragon possibilities, and tried to catch movement with the traditional fan dance. One of the dragons is made of fabric scraps and (dragon stones?) pebbles collected from ancient landscapes, and the other, breathing golden fire, is an interpretation from a historic candlestick. "Lucky" fish were pressed into service from a pond and wish everyone Kung_hey_fat_Choy or Happy New Year! One of our artists reflected the disappointments of Chinese New Year in the time of coronavirus. We all learnt about the fascinating traditions of Chinese New Year, and for those who watched on the internet, it was particularly moving to see the socially distanced community dances performed and filmed by the Chinese community in Southampton. We very much hope that next year the celebrations can be carried out together in the normal way, and we look forward to going to watch and hopefully sketch.

Images above by Diane Umemoto (left)and Janet Payne (right)

Image above by Avis Dennis

Image above by Gill Steiner

Images below by Priscilla Worley (left) and Sue Lees (right, also last two images)

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