Sunday 30 June 2024

Visit to the Victoria Embankment Gardens on Tuesday 25 June 2024

It was all set to be an extremely hot day when we visited the Victoria Embankment Gardens, which put off some potential attendees in advance and sent some of us home early.  Nevertheless, 13 artists met up, and we tackled many of the points of interest in this well maintained historic park.  We sketched statues (though nobody took on the camel, something for another visit), the fountain, the railway arches glimpsed beyond, the London buses, and the Duke of Buckingham's Water Gate, and of course, the trees.   It was interesting to see how far back the Water Gate was from our embanked Thames, and how much wider the Thames was when the Gate was built in the 1620s.

We had a jolly lunch in the park cafe, but almost everyone went home after lunch as the temperature moved up towards 30 degrees.  People who took the bus home got very hot.  For future reference, and being mindful of everyone's health and safety, on hot days please do your artwork in the shade.

Enjoy our images, below!

Our next sketching date will be Island Gardens in Docklands on Tuesday 16 July, further details to follow.

Image above by Gill Steiner (Robert Raikes, Advocate of Sunday Schools for Children)

Image above by Peter Colley

Image above by Tricia Sharpe (statue of Robert Burns)

Image above by Janet Payne

Image above by Sue Loder

Image above by Janet Perkins

Image above by Betty Wang

Image above by Priscilla Worley

Image above by Diana Marshall

Image above by Audrey Rapier

Image above by Diane Umemoto (The Water Gate)

Image above by Sue Lees


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