Saturday, 9 July 2022

Tuesday 26 July 2022 Omved Gardens

 We have arranged an outing to the Omved Gardens in Highgate. Meet at 11 am on Tuesday 26 July. The gardens are a delightful space with glorious views across north and east London. This is a week after our outing to Newington Green, but Omved is a special place and it is summer so we thought that two outings in two weeks would be great!

From their website "Until recently a wounded and tarmacked wasteland it (the garden) is being transformed into a diverse eco habitat with a wildflower meadow, an orchard, and a vegetable garden."  Truly inspirational. There are also a series of glasshouses which host Art exhibitions and events, as well as dining clubs. They are in partnership with the World Food Programme and Chef's Manifesto.

Their website is

Omved Gardens, Townsend Yard, N6 5JF. Townsends Yard is off Highgate High Street. Get a bus up the Hill, or walk from Archway Station. Townsends Yard is a real yard, it is signed but look carefully and be not deterred. 

There are benches but bring a sketching stool if you can. Also a packed lunch would be great, so we can all eat together without disappearing into Highgate High Street, where there are of course many cafes. 

Below is a pic Sue Lees did on a recent visit to the Omved Garden with Highgate Watercolour Society

And a photo of the gardens, again from Sue

See you there

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