Sunday, 15 May 2022

Our outing to the Olden Garden

On a rather wet day 14 artists, including an international Urban Sketcher, made their way to the Olden Garden just off Whistler Street. This garden was previously derelict land and has been reclaimed by the community as a garden and woodland. It was made and maintained by dedicated volunteers for community use. It is a very special place and all the better for being unexpected. Entry is through a locked door from the street, a real secret garden!

The summer house was made by a volunteer and does look splendid.

Fortunately the day was not as wet as the following one and the artists managed to get some very commendable work done. The sun came out in the afternoon and the light changed for the better.

Really the pictures say it all and thank you Olden Garden for allowing us to come and sketch.

The date for the next outing is Tuesday 14 June, the venue is to be confirmed. 

Below are pictures by:

Gafung Wong

2 pictures

Diane Umemoto

Sue Lees

2 pictures

Gill Steiner

Janet Payne

Ann Funston

two pictures

Cathy Burkinshaw

2 pictures

Janet Perkins

2 pictures

Peter Colley

2 pictures

Eva Sze

Helena Yiu

Elaine Kleinen

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