Sunday, 26 September 2021

Highgate East Cemetery

It was a really lovely autumn day when we ventured to Highgate East Cemetery, with dappled autumn sunlight through the trees. Seven artists attended and we all worked hard. This is not the easiest venue to get to but we managed it.

But no-one painted or drew the cemetery's most famous resident Karl Marx!

We took picnics and had a chatty lunch in adjacent Waterlow Park before returning for the afternoon session. 

Don't forget Tuesday 5 October 11 am at Highgate West Cemetery which is the really spooky one. We are trying to get in one more outdoor venue before the glorious weather changes.

Below pics from

Sue Lees


Feroz Antia

Janet Payne

Vanessa Whinney

Gafung Wong

Gill Steiner

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