Saturday, 11 April 2020

Self Portraits: Art in the time of Coronovirus, early April 2020

We have had an encouraging response to our self portrait suggestion. Many people have sent in their self-portraits, some have also done a family member or two. People have interpreted the self-portrait challenge liberally, and some reflect the countrywide gloom rather than the sitter! One person has seen herself as reaching out to the natural world in her garden. Someone else took an image from her childhood. One or two have remembered happier times at the hairdresser or out and about - and one person has the c-virus mask on. One person attached a proper portrait frame. Many media have been used, including shadow (of a former self) photography, embroidery, and (we think) playdo and fabric. The collection concludes with a cheering chinese brush painting of a camellia.   

In the interests of internet privacy, we have not named either the portrait or the artist. Some of you will be able to identify who's who.

Our thanks to all those who sent in their portraits, it is a great collection, we hope that you enjoyed the challenge, and always remember that stepping outside your comfort zone helps your development as an artist. Keep doing art, we will be putting up the next project shortly. Meanwhile, keep safe at home.

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