Wednesday, 6 January 2021

January 2021 Innings

Wishing you all the best 2021 possible at the moment. Meanwhile let's do our best to welcome the New Year with some Art.

The date for the next innings is for Tuesday 26 January 2021.

The subject is "Winter Atmospherics". Do take advantage of the weather, mist, snow, heavy rain, and even remember the impromptu New Year's Eve fireworks which livened up an otherwise quiet night.

There are long winter shadows at the moment with bright sun backlighting the stark leafless trees, which are reflected in ponds.

Do enjoy yourselves and send your pics to

Here's to the reopening of Art materials supply shops, so I don't keep buying the wrong kit on line.

Sunday, 3 January 2021

London at Night - 30 December 2020

Thankfully 2020 has now concluded, and we have come to the end of the lousiest year we have had collectively since the Second World War.   We are hoping very much that the wonderful various vaccines will see off the coronavirus in 2021 and that we can once again have the monthly sketching adventures as a group which we enjoyed before the virus struck.   (We did have several days out in the summer, but maintaining social distancing rather knocked the gilt off the gingerbread of these.)

Our latest distanced painting theme was "London at Night", and as usual many approaches have been taken to this idea.   Mostly the images reflect the staying at home aspects of looking at London at Night.   There are some photographic experiments - "clobbering", which involves drawing or collaging onto photographs and postcards.   One person has gone digital, and used ipadpro and the procreate app.

As always, we have several images which are non-theme, but all very lovely nevertheless.


Images above by Priscilla Worley (developing a theme)

Image above by Anna Fraser "Staying at Home"

Image above by Avis Dennis

 Image above by Diane Umemoto

Image above by Janet Payne

Image above by Alison Sandifer


Image above by Tricia Sharpe "Horizons Limited"

Image above by Sue Lees

 Image by Gill Steiner

 Image above by Gafung Wong

Image above by Diane Umemoto "Ararat"

 Image above by Avis Dennis
Our theme for January will be announced shortly.   
Happy New Year to all our Artists! 


Sunday, 6 December 2020

30 December and late postings

Don't forget Wednesday 30th December for your 'London by Night' pics. Send to Sue at

Meanwhile Heather James has sent us some work from the layered history project. This is a photo of a bomb site opposite her house and her pic of an imagined reconstruction of the original houses on the site. Great stuff.

Monday, 23 November 2020

November 20 posting. Addition and Corrections

 First 'London by Night' postings should be with me or Sue by Wednesday 30 th December not Tuesday 30th.

Due to a technical glitch an image by Priscilla Worley, which she originally did in August was posted a second time and not attributed. But here is the "Tree of Life" which Priscilla has done for November; an image of her grandson in Australia climbing a eucalyptus tree. Definite Joan Eardley influence.

Saturday, 21 November 2020

November 2020 Innings

 Our subject for November was the Tree of Life. Many thanks to our contributors, who were:

Sue Lees

Gill Steiner

Still Sleeping in Waterlow Park

Diane Umemoto

Westbury Court Gardens in Gloucestershire, 300 year old tree

and Avis Dennis

Our next innings will be on Tuesday 30 December, the subject is "London by Night'. Pics to me or

Some regulars are also doing a similar subject for an on line class, so this is either an incentive to develop a picture or alternatively an easy way of using the same image twice and getting credit twice..

Late entries for November will be posted, but meanwhile Happy Christmas artists. Hope Santa brings those art materials.

Wednesday, 4 November 2020

November 2020 innings and late postings from October

 I hope you are all ready for the 'Tree of Life' innings on Tuesday 17 November.

The Tree of Life is an ancient and universal symbol appearing in religions and myths from all over the world, including Judaism, Islam, and Norse mythology. I found Wikipedia very useful on the background and there are of course images that can be found on Google Images. Klimt and Kiefer are amongst the artists who have drawn upon the imagery. Yggdrasil is the Tree of Life in Norse mythology.

Moira Coupe produced this image for an Islington Art Society on line Zoom crit session:

Pictures to me for posting on the blog.

Meanwhile there are some late October images, some of which many of you have already seen but have not been included in the blog before.

Diana Butement sent these images from Langton Matravers in Dorset;

and overcoming the difficulties of negotiating road closures in Islington Sue Lees's highwayman, Claude Duval, has finally arrived from Hornsey Road in style

Tuesday, 27 October 2020

October 2020 innings

Our 'stay at home' topic for October was layered local history, which was also the stay at home option for September. This is a wide subject and we received a very varied number of 'takes'.

There is a promised response featuring a highwayman, who has been unfortunately delayed in Crouch End, but watch this space.

Meanwhile Gill Steiner sent a pic of two very frightened women whose house, 4 doors away from Gill's, was bombed out in WWII. By chance Gill found a devastating account of the bombings and the destruction in a local newspaper.


Avis Dennis sent a pic of the grounds of Blenheim Palace, which were designed by Capability Brown. The Palace is of course redolent with layers of British history. Avis also sent a picture of her godson's demised pear tree.

Tricia Sharpe's contribution was a mixed media pic of swans in the local park, where the poet Stevie Smith used to walk.

Priscila Worley lives close to Hackney Empire, one of the architect Frank Matcham's designs. It is a real part of the local community with great panto but unfortunately closed at the moment.

Janet Payne sent a pic of the Phoenix rising from the ashes above the porch on the river frontage of St Paul's cathedral, rebuilt of course after the Great Fire of London. The city survives with new life.

The next innings will be on Tuesday 17 November and the subject will be the "Tree of Life".