Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Late April, Art in the Time of Coronavirus

There has been a tremendous response to the first two Art in the Time of Coronavirus "innings'. We have done images of what we can see from our social distancing/self isolation and followed this with self portraits. We are now trying to make these "innings" once a fortnight rather than once a month. So the next one is on Tuesday 21 April, images to janetat48ock@hotmail.com for posting on the blog.

We have all got big plans for all the things we are going to do in self isolation/social distancing, such as making jam, tidying the food cupboard, rearranging the shed, sorting out junk, baking bread, learning Mandarin and so on. Some of this will have been achieved, some remains aspirational, so pictures pleased of achievements or alternatively tasks still to be done.

Get that sketching kit out.

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