Sunday, 22 July 2018

Visit to Victoria Park, Bow, East London on 17 July

Thirteen committed sketchers made their way to East London's Victoria Park on Tuesday 17 July. We had a great day. There was plenty to paint and the weather was lightly sunny, so we did not boil. Also there were a lot of handily placed trees and benches, especially around the Western Lake and the Pavilion Cafe where we mostly remained.

The area around the park is also interesting artistically, and some of us started sketching before making it into the park:

For everyone else, the Chinese Pagoda on its own island in the lake was an unmissable attraction:

The Pavilion Cafe (as well as producing very nice homemade lunches) is a fascinating subject in its own right, and one after-lunch picture has made it to the editorial desk. During the day we enjoyed seeing all the beautiful waterfowl, and we were particularly charmed by the coot nest, six feet away from the Cafe, where several adult birds seemed to be attending to three baby coots - with red fluff on their heads, all under the noses of the cafe's customers.

Victoria Park turned out to be a great place for painters, so will go on the list for a revisit in the future, when hopefully the 277 bus will have made it back onto its route all the way to Highbury and Islington.

For regular Art in the Parkers, we have a slot in the Cass Art building near the Angel in late September where we could have an exhibition/showing of some work done or worked up from our days out together. Ann K-H has the vision for this, so we suggest that you contact her or speak to her when you see her.

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