Friday, 27 July 2018

Tuesday 14 August Walthamstow Church and Old Village

Meet at the Gate of St Mary's Church on CHURCH LANE,  E17 9NH at 11 o'clock

On this sketch date we have another new venue, Walthamstow Village.  Our chosen centrepiece is  St Mary's Church, a handsome building, with a lovely old graveyard of 3 acres, big old trees, some paintable memorials, and charming rows of cottages alongside, a village green  with an enormous (but truncated) ionic column, a timbered house, etc.   When last seen the churchyard was largely laid to long grass and cowparsley, so good for the wildlife, but it may be cut now, and brown, but nevertheless will have a rural feel.

We have an agent on the ground who is kindly enquiring if the Church (with loo) can be opened for us in case of rain.   If not, the 'Village Pub' at 31 Orford Road has facilities, they are open from 11am. It's a big old fashioned pub and has a largish beer garden at the rear. It's about 4 mins from the churchyard so good for loos/lunch.    If we cannot get into the Church, and it rains (this seems unlikely) we can sketch in the pub or find another sheltered nook.

There is a map of the Conservation Area around the Church:

Getting there.   Walthamstow Village is (probably) a five minute walk from Walthamstow Central (Victoria Line) , (linked by footpath to Walthamstow Queens Road on the Overground).  When last visited bits of this area were being rebuilt and so confusing.  If you come in on the Overground, we suggest that you get yourself to the tube station.   You may need to cross the tube line in the station (quite easy) , and then you can more or less see the vast road (the A112/Hoe Street) which has got to be crossed.    See map here
Once you are on St Mary's Road, after the major road crossing, the Village is at the end of St Mary's Road straight along, although this turns into a path towards the church.

Bring your sketching stools!

Sue's mobile number for the day is 07975 864142.   We look forward to seeing everyone.


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  1. By kind permission from the Vicar of St Mary's the church will be open from 12.15, and if we would like we can paint inside. There is a loo! Weather forecast is presently dry for Tuesday 14th, however.