Saturday, 17 October 2020

20 October outing postponed

Due to the Covid alert level being raised so that London is in Tier 2, it is best if we postpone the outing planned for Tuesday 20 October until it is safe to meet up again. This decision is made with a heavy heart but it is in the best interests of participants, Islington Art Society and the cafe.

We do have the stay at home alternative courtesy of Urban Sketchers. Here it is again:

Delve into the history of your local area, and produce an image (or something 3d!) which reflects some aspect of its past times and change.  This may be a series of images on one page, possibly including collage.

For a fuller (and better) explanation of this project, please go to the Urban Sketchers themselves, here:

Images to

For the future we are exploring using Zoom through IAS so that we can show our work to each other and for a more interactive approach. 

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