Monday, 28 September 2020

Hampstead Heath in September

In spite of the forecast for rain groups of 9 artists met outside the Italian cafe at the bottom of Parliament Hill, in socially distanced groups. Some of us made for the model boat pond whilst others concentrated on the complex geometry of the band stand.

The heavens didn't open until lunchtime when we were able to sit under the awnings of the cafe and under the bandstand roof. This latter location was populated by teenagers from the local schools, playing music and lending a festival atmosphere to the day.

Artists worked hard and enjoyed the day, in spite of the later wet weather.

The Heath is getting ready for the autumn with trees about to shed their leaves and turn colour. It afforded a good choice of outdoor scenes with landscape, people and some buildings.

Some more artists worked from home on the layered theme of history, including one from Priscilla Worley of a house in Hackney on the market for £4 million.

If any more participants want to send pics in, please email them to

Watch this space for details of the October outing. 

From Tricia Sharpe

Overpainted photos of stained glass panels in front doors in Palmers Green

From Sue Lees.

The Men's Pond, Hampstead Heath

From Sara Meidan

Local Buildings

From Priscilla Worley

The Folly of the Vanities

From Janet Payne

Early autumn on the Heath

From Gill Steiner

Boys and Dogs

From Ann Kozlowski-Hunt

The bandstand

From Heather James

Hampstead Pond

From Diane Umemoto

The bandstand

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