Saturday, 29 August 2020

Tuesday 25 August 2020: Visit to Clissold Park


Our selected date for visiting Clissold Park was blighted by a ferocious weather forecast, which deterred several artists, sadly. However, those who felt they could face doing art from under cover, under the Clissold House verandah, for example, or under an umbrella, were rewarded by a no rain day. The morning was indeed very gloomy, and the afternoon very windy, but it was generally warm and occasionally there was actually some sun. Seven artists participated, and two operated from home, one taking a theme from an earlier reconnoitre of the Park, and one capturing wet weather from her window. Most people focussed on Clissold House (in various methods, including collage), the trees, Stoke Newington Old Church, and the landscape, only one of us took a different direction and found the skate park and its skateboarders.

The makers of blogger (which is what runs this blog) have changed the blog, and this elegant arrangement of images has been done on what they call the legacy blogger, which is presently scheduled to disappear in September. Your editor found it impossible to space the images in their rows in the new blog; if anyone has understands the new blogger and in particular how to space images please put a note in the comments box below.

Images above are by Alison Sandifer

Images above are by Janet Payne (left) and Liz Stanbury (right)

Images above are by Liz Stanbury (left) and Sue Lees (right)

Images above are by Sue Lees (left) and Liz Stanbury (right)

Images above are by Diane Umemoto (left) and Mark Hodges (right)

Image above is by Heather James

Images above are by Gill Steiner (left) and Priscilla Worley (right)

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