Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Visit to Leadenhall Market, City of London, on Tuesday 3 December 2019

This was Art in the Park's second visit to Leadenhall Market, and on this chilly December day only six hardy souls turned up to sketch its monumental Victoriana. However, we did have a nice time and produced lots of good and varied work. We were hoping for superior Christmas decorations to place amongst the architectural motifs, etc., but felt rather let down. There was a big Christmas tree in the central square of the Market, but its decorations were rather discreet, even muted. (A reflection of current trading and political circumstances, perhaps?) However, the tree did provide a good tall central feature to juxtapose against the regular classical features of the building, and many of us included it in our work. Other decorations were either rather small, or, as was the case of a huge pair of hands hanging from the ceiling, both difficult to include in a painting and rather odd. So no huge silver reindeer leaping across the facades which your editor was hoping for. While some of us painted in the arcades, sensible people went into a cafe and operated in the warmth, and the afternoon shift found a convenient counter to sit on beside a window in a nearly empty Leon.

The place was not crowded,except for the lunch hour, when all indoor seats got taken by city people, so once again we nipped off round the corner to The Grapes pub, and had a cosy lunch upstairs.

Our next outing will be in January, and as we may or may not post the details of this presently unformulated event by the holiday period, now seems the moment to wish all Art in the Park participants a happy Christmas, and a relaxing break. We will look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.

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