Monday, 1 October 2018

Sketch Day at St Dunstan in the East, 25 September 2018

Eight artists assembled on a beautiful sunny day to try to do justice to the stunning St Dunstan in the East.   This wonderful church ruin in a garden in the City was new to all of us.   Actually, what was left of the church was in very good shape, as all the glassless windows had all their masonry present and there were none of those shapeless lumps of brick and rubble frequently found in even the most prestigious ruins.   The City of London Parks and Gardens staff have created a very lovely and appropriate garden, with lots of well-chosen plants.   The most notable of these were the canna lilies, which some of us took inspiration from, but there were other choice specimens, in particular a large palm, which when viewed through the medieval arch suggested crusaders and pilgrims arriving in Jerusalem (a flight of fancy here ...).   There were huge and special vines climbing over some of the walls, and unusual big trees, all of which created a very romantic effect amongst the gothic arches...  Much food for thought here.  We also enjoyed the very eclectic visitors to the site, some of whom got included in the artwork.

We very much appreciate the City of London Parks and Gardens Department kindly allowing us to come and sketch as a group on a guest basis.   We hope for another visit to this superb location in the future.

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