Thursday, 16 August 2018

Visit to Walthamstow Village, 14 August 2018

Twelve artists came on our sketch day in Walthamstow Village, when we enjoyed very pleasant weather. We were spoilt for choice of subjects in the area immediately around St Mary's Church. Most of us established ourselves in the extensive and attractive churchyard for the morning, and tackled the gravestones, the trees, and the church itself, but several people sketched Walthamstow's "Ancient House", a fifteenth century timber-framed hall house. In the afternoon some of us went into the Church, by kind permission of the Vicar, and admired the interior, which is rather lovely, with elegant and restful arrays of pews, panelled galleries, and some splendid Tudor and Stuart sculptural memorials. One of us drew Lady Mary Merry's monument (see below).

We had a very good lunch in the beer garden of The Village Pub, which also has an interesting interior. Some of our minds were already moving towards thoughts of revisiting Walthamstow, as there were other areas of interest in some of the charming (traffic-free streets) which we did not have time to paint, and the Church interior offers many worthy subjects.

Finally, one of us carried on drawing through lunch and produced some expressive faces:

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