Sunday, 20 May 2018

Trip on 15 May to the Horniman Museum and Park

Another new destination for Art in the Park on Tuesday, 15 May, the Horniman Museum and Park in South London. We were blest with fabulous weather, and we were delighted with the many artistic possibilities of the Park, which contained a beautiful Victorian conservatory, in elegance a rival to those in Kew Gardens, a Bandstand with views to London, animals (alive, as well as the Museum specimens), a butterfly house, a prehistoric garden with its own Velociraptor (in sculptural form), the Museum buildings themselves, children with their parents, etc. etc. We rushed ahead with our work, but we did not really explore either the park or the Museum. Most people sketched outside, but one person went inside to inspect the exhibits, and produced a series of drawings of musical instruments. Eleven artists made the trip, which was surprisingly easy once onto the London Overground.

We are very tempted to go back next time to the Horniman, as we feel that we have barely scratched the surface of subjects to paint, also there is a very good cafe with both indoor and outdoor space. Info will follow on the next blog posting.

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