Monday, 28 September 2015

September's sketching outing to Freightliners Farm

Six artists gathered at Freightliners Farm last Friday to try and depict the ducks, goats, sheep and cows that were constantly on the move in this working farm that began life in 1973 on waste land behind Kings Cross station. The animals were originally housed in railway goods vans so hence the name, Freightliners Farm. The farm moved to its present site near Liverpool Road in 1978 and the new purpose-built farm buildings were erected in 1988.

The weather was glorious for our last outside location of the year and we all agreed that we needed plenty of time to adjust to try and sketch the livestock. We made full use of the Strawbale Café at lunch time and later on for tea and cake and this gave us time to chat and exchange news and we agreed that this would be a great location to return to, either individually or as a group, in the future.

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  1. It was a glorious day. Only fastration was that the animals did not stay still ,so that in my drawings a head of one chicken had a body of a different chicken.. Lunch in their cafe was delicious and very reasonable .
    Perhaps we should try sketching in the Natural History museum only human movement there. Return visit needed to the farm